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1.) Located in Sloeford. Get with city.

2.) Follow road from Sloeford northwest until you hit the Celestial Dome. Follow the road to the West of it South then West to the Western Tyr Lysia teleport. You then follow that road north to the 2nd curve in the road(1st is right by teleport). At the curve take the small path North East.

3.) Located in Thylysium. Get with city.

4.) South East of Thylysium theres a small lake nestled in the mountains. The temple is located here.

5.) After getting #4 follow the raod to the north of it East into Teardrop Hamlet. Follow road South out of Teardrop and then East. When you reach the bend in the road keep traveling East. Follow the mountain range North East. You should cross over a few mini islands then come upon the temple after descending a few sets of wooden stairs.

6.) West of Griffborough. Should get on way into Griffinborough if following the road.

7.) Follow the road South then East then North out of Griffinborough. After reaching a small town cross the river to the East. Follow the road East until it curves North. Continue going East at the curve until you're past the forest. Then travel South East until you hit the mountain range. Follow the mountain range to the North East until you come upon it. *Note you will run into a mini-boss along the way*

8.) Upon reaching Orcish Byway follow the road South East until you hit a teleporter at Grunwald. The Temple is located at the top of the rock to your south. To get to it you need to enter the woods on the East side of the rock and follow the path around until you get to the top. * The path is kind of hard to see you just have to keep trying till you can get through*

9.) Outside of Tharak. Should get with Tharak.

10.) Follow the road South West out of Tharak until you come upon the town of Entruag. Cross East across the river. Now follow the river South West until you get to a cave. Enter this cave and follow it to its exit. You should now be on the island in the middle of the river. The temple is on this island.

11.) On the island that contains the unique mounts. South East corner.

12.) On The Seraphim Islands you'll want to travel to the North East most part of the island until you reach a resurrection stone. North West of this stone along the coast is a path that leads down to the river and across a bridge to the island to the North. Temple is at the end of this path.

13.) In the swamp continue along the main quest until you reach Marigold Fields. There is a temple located directly North in the mountains. *Note a mini boss is located in this area also*

14.) South East of Marigold fields is a town called Hissil'Ta and South East of it is a town called Lizurath. Go South West out of Lizurath until you hit the mountain range. Continue to follow the range South West and you should come upon the temple.

15.) Located in Khorum. Should get with Khorum.

16.) North West of Khorum is the town of Badawi. Follow the road West from there until you get to the resurrection stone. From the resurrection stone head North until you a plateau. Follow the plateau North West until you come upon a path that allows you onto the plateau. Follow this path around to reach the temple. Also you can get to the resurrection stone by heading East from Tharum(Northwest part of desert).

17.) Located South East of the Archaeologist Camp is big rock. Located on the North East side of that rock is a path that leads you onto the top and to the temple. *Path hidden by trees*

18.) Located on the Dryad island. Follow path North from Aerendyr until you reach the teleport at "Near Dyr-Laigh". Follow this path West into Dyr-Laigh. In town you want to follow the path up into the trees. You then follow this path South as far as possible then descend from the trees. Exit the town to the South and you should come upon a huge ampitheater-like structure. Continue South along the East side of this. There is a rock to the South West of the ampitheater and on top of it sits the temple. The path to the top of rock is located on the Southern slopes of the rock.

19.) Attainable during long quest line in Dryad region. To start quest talk to a guy across the bridge that is South of Dyr-Laigh and North of the ampitheater. During the "Crypt Wing" part of the quest you should go from being underground to above ground. When you get outside head North and you should stumble upon the ruins of the temple. *Doesn't appear on map*

20.) Located in the Wastelands. To get to leave North from the Windswept Fortress and enter the cave. Re-emerge from the cave and follow the path on the ground as far North East as possible. Once you get here you need to turn South and follow the path North and across a bridge. At the end of the bridge you have the option of going East, to finish the main quest, or West, which leads to the temple.



『The Crypt Wing』というサブクエストの途中で訪れることになります。

『The Crypt Wing』という名前のクエストではないので注意です。
途中で『The Crypt Wing』というクエストになります。

『The Anceltors' Chambers』
『The Thief』
『The Anceltors' Chambers』
『The Crypt Wing』

『The Crypt Wing』をダンジョンの中で受け

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